Aisimar Journey 2

To the north!

The group continued to look around Niauhiem for something of use. They managed to fight off some dust diggers that popped up to fight them. The Orc was struck pretty badly in this battle by these starfish like creatures. The Tieflings managed to ward off these beasts before they could do any real damage to them. After the fight they recovered a painting of Yato Yagami, The youngest empire of the Yagami dynasty.
After a night of rest the heroes decided on going north to go out and search the lands of the ice plains for the beauty of the snow that could only be seen in the north. The group travelled to the sea city of Heldien in search of thick clothing, supplies, and transportation for their journey to the north. Naso headed to the bar in search of work as an underling to the keep fetching wood and stoking the fire when told. Naso dealt with the common rabble and also contained a fight from breaking out in the tavern; Caused by Eleret who had a bet with a Dwarven man.
Eleret as mentioned above found a man who claimed he could box with anyone and beat anyone in that fight. Eleret took the offer and set the bet at 25 gold to see if he could beat the dwarf. After two swings the dwarf dropped to a knee claiming submission. The two walked off after the fight in the direction of the tavern.
Kavir, went to find the alchemist shop “The Wolf’s Brew” in search of work. He was in luck that the alchemist was in need of an apprentice at the time and quickly sent Kavir on an errand to the court mage. Kavir fetched from the court mage, a poison strong enough to take down giants. Kavir continued to work with alchemist until he was sent home for the day.
The group found several notices for missing people in the city. Two lovers and three children. The children were easier to track since all of the children were known to hang out in the industrial zone of the city. They couldn’t, but help to climb on the equipment and boxes that were down there. The fountain area was the main area for people to find out the most information about these kids; Although these kids who were there had nothing to help the heroes find their missing comrades. A group of rebellious kids tried to steal the coin purse of Kavir, but was caught by Naso before it was too late. The riff-raff was not of help either to shed light on the missing kids. Will the men find out what is causing the disappearance of these people?



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