Aisimar Journey 3


The group finally got information after going back to the tavern to find more work for the monk. After his shift he talked with the keep and found out that the kids were a part of the “lost boys”, a group of kids who caused havoc to the people down by the fountain at the docks. after receiving this information they went back down to the docks where they heard more about the slave trade that was taking place by the docks. After reciving information about what time the auction house opened Kavir decided to go poke around once it was open. Walking past the gate that blocked the door, Kavir was stopped by a man who asked him if he wanted to look inside. Confirming that he did Kavir learned the knock to get inside of the slave house at night. Kavir watched as bidding took place and learned more about the layout of the basement level of the auction house. After leaving Kavir retired to the Inn while he talked with Riss about their further actions.

The next morning, Kavir walked back to the auction house to see if anything would go on within the daytime hours. He found out that the stage was moved to the top floor and normal items were now on the block. He managed to get a couple of books that may be of some use further along in their journey.

After the auction, kavir went back to “The drunkard’s Fist” where he met with Riss to discuss what he had found out. Riss was curious about what else they could find out about the store. So they decided to check it out after it had closed. The duo managed to get in without trouble to scoop it out. They asked about proper seating and such and actually got pointed in the direction of the museum. Along the way to the museum they found a gentleman who was dehydrated laying in the street. After waking him with water the duo managed to learn that his name was Kegan. Kegan was taken back to the tavern where he met Ghiv and after heavy drinking from the latter he managed to goad Kegan into a shooting contest to test who is the better shot. The group went to the training area where they managed to find a 50ft target to shot at. Ghiv and Kegan both managed to hit the bullseye. Ghiv, in a drunk slur, said to take it out and make it a bigger challenge. At 140 yards both men missed the target and glad it a truce.

Meanwhile Riss had been working at “The drunkard’s fist” where he made very good money. After his shift he walked up to the training grounds where he got pointed in the direction of another monk who could spar with him. Getting beaten by the monk Riss walked away feeling a bit better about himself. After his fight he made his way back to the bar to chat more with Kegan before going off into the direction of the auction house, along with ghiv.

Kavir and Kegan sat in the bar until an orc, looking to be of noble stature, walked up to them and started to question Kavir about what he had been doing in the auction house twice in twenty four hours. Kavir told him that he was just interested in all things that the auction house had to offer this pleased the orc as he walked out of the bar.



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