Aisimar Journey 4

A long journey ahead of us

The next day Kavir attended the morning session at the auction house he managed to buy a few books about the history of the world (The red wolves history and forgotten deities.) He also acquired a weird box that had a weird power emitting from it. The rest of “The crew” saw fit to open the box and unleash the power within. The crew found that there was nothing, but a deck of cards inside of the box once they opened it. One by one the members of the crew felt drawn to draw a card. Some had all their gold stripped from them, Another was sent away to another realm and imprisoned. After these less than favorable events happened Kavir stored the cards within the box and then tossed them into the sea.

After Disposing of the box the crew decided to set sail for the time being having no solid leads on how to take down the slave trade here in town. The group boarded a ship and headed off towards the gnomish capital city Hornan. Once there they managed to find their companion would had been thrown in jail due to the effects of the card. After discovering that not only did Nasoriss get thrown in jail, and talk his way out, but he also now had a Tiefling fighter at his side. Nasoriss also told us about a will that he had been given stating that he now owned a house in the Dwarven kingdom. The group decided to set sail for this destination over a two week journey at sea. The night before their departure they managed to run into a changeling, Perin Avar’ell, at the Burning Gnome tavern. Ghiv saw this woman and tried to advance on her, but once his advances were shunned away he ended up dumping a beer on her head and thus she joined the group to make sure that Ghiv got what was coming to him, but before the night was over the Burning Gnome would end up burning to the ground through hijicks caused by ghiv and a Molotov cocktail. The crew got out of the tavern before any casualties could happen to them. The next day the crew would set out for the Dwarven lands on a gnomish steamship.



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