Aisimar Journey 5

While out at sea Pirates would attack the group. They managed to neutralize two out of three of the ships being able to kill off the captain in the process. Nasoriss stood tall in the fight making sure to block the plank that the pirates had put down to try and dock the gnomish steam engine. Sustaining heavy damage he did not falter against his foes. Keegan our newly aqcuired bolt man managed to get across to their crows nest where he managed to pick off a couple of the pirates on the port ship. The rest of the group were able to fend off any of the pirates coming off of the other ship due to a distracting obscuring mist that set over the starboard side of the ship and most of the other pirate ship.

After the majority of the pirates were dealt with an unexpected visitor occurred in the form of what is known as “Uisce” (“ish-ka”) Diabhal (d’aul)", the name meaning water demon, appeared from beneath the sea causing the ships to part due to the force of it breaking the surface of the water as it crunched on the pirate ship that was sinking into the water Uisce Diabhal, is the largest ugliest beast known to all of the races and those that see it are often cursed with bad luck and death is sure to be around them. After Uisce Diabhal went back underneath the water, The gnome captain, Terrin, informed the group that the engines had been damaged during the attack from the pirates and the mere force Uisce Diabhal caused most of his crew to become discombulated underneath the deck. The group understood and asked the captain how long the ship would need to be repaired. He told them that while they were out at sea it would take a bit longer than usual due to lack of supplies, but he told them it would be 3 days to get it to the bare minimum to get it running again. At that time a fleet of orcish ships were suddenly upon the groups ship. The wave from the encounter earlier had pushed the ship into the orcish waters. The orcish leader called out to the group in his native tongue trying to communicate. Perin was able to communicate with them in attempts to parley, but the Orc was not hearing as he readied his men to arms to overtake the trespassing in their lands, but at that moment a woman resembling a really pale elf like creature walked up and whispered in his ear. After the woman stepped away the Orc called off the attack and brought the group to the port city ____________, where they were created into the city with a free night at the mighty oak tavern. The group pondered over what there next move was now that they were here for a week since the gnomes would be able to work with out worry of them running out of supplies.



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