Aisimar....Journey 1

The Journey begins!

Four men wandered in the desert in seek of many things; These men are seeking something unique to themselves, but they all want the same thing. History.
These four men were two Tieflings. One was a traveling monk in robes. He seemed to be of a fair nature, but also had somewhat of a hint of something more. He never spoke of who he worship, but he is indeed a holy man.
The other Tiefling was a bit more of a student. He carried around alchemist supplies on him and said that he was in fact studying the ways of alchemy. While this was intriguing to say the least he was a man that seemed to be able to find even the smallest details if matters were needed for such skills.
Among these men was an Orc. He spoke of the slaughter of his people by bandits and I would have a safe bet in that is why he is traveling his journey. To avenge those who, he had so greatly cared for. This man would take satisfaction with the bandits responsible dying by his hand…literally.
The final man of the group was an Undine. A man of the ocean. Quiet as he was he spoke volumes. This man seemed to be a neutral to the things around him and the people he was traveling with.
These men took refuge in Hamphaven, a small settlement in the desert. They sought the protection of “The Scabbard Tavern” late into the night. At the tavern the men met someone named Adien. Adien turned out to be an Ifrit cleric who said “he had been waiting for someone like them to come along.” The heroes started the next day for the Niauhiem towards the North East. There the men learned about the existence of another group travelling the land. Three men met with a more powerful djinn that granted them each something they desired. After this the men set their sights to the future.



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