Aisimar Journey 5

While out at sea Pirates would attack the group. They managed to neutralize two out of three of the ships being able to kill off the captain in the process. Nasoriss stood tall in the fight making sure to block the plank that the pirates had put down to try and dock the gnomish steam engine. Sustaining heavy damage he did not falter against his foes. Keegan our newly aqcuired bolt man managed to get across to their crows nest where he managed to pick off a couple of the pirates on the port ship. The rest of the group were able to fend off any of the pirates coming off of the other ship due to a distracting obscuring mist that set over the starboard side of the ship and most of the other pirate ship.

After the majority of the pirates were dealt with an unexpected visitor occurred in the form of what is known as “Uisce” (“ish-ka”) Diabhal (d’aul)", the name meaning water demon, appeared from beneath the sea causing the ships to part due to the force of it breaking the surface of the water as it crunched on the pirate ship that was sinking into the water Uisce Diabhal, is the largest ugliest beast known to all of the races and those that see it are often cursed with bad luck and death is sure to be around them. After Uisce Diabhal went back underneath the water, The gnome captain, Terrin, informed the group that the engines had been damaged during the attack from the pirates and the mere force Uisce Diabhal caused most of his crew to become discombulated underneath the deck. The group understood and asked the captain how long the ship would need to be repaired. He told them that while they were out at sea it would take a bit longer than usual due to lack of supplies, but he told them it would be 3 days to get it to the bare minimum to get it running again. At that time a fleet of orcish ships were suddenly upon the groups ship. The wave from the encounter earlier had pushed the ship into the orcish waters. The orcish leader called out to the group in his native tongue trying to communicate. Perin was able to communicate with them in attempts to parley, but the Orc was not hearing as he readied his men to arms to overtake the trespassing in their lands, but at that moment a woman resembling a really pale elf like creature walked up and whispered in his ear. After the woman stepped away the Orc called off the attack and brought the group to the port city ____________, where they were created into the city with a free night at the mighty oak tavern. The group pondered over what there next move was now that they were here for a week since the gnomes would be able to work with out worry of them running out of supplies.
Aisimar Journey 4
A long journey ahead of us

The next day Kavir attended the morning session at the auction house he managed to buy a few books about the history of the world (The red wolves history and forgotten deities.) He also acquired a weird box that had a weird power emitting from it. The rest of “The crew” saw fit to open the box and unleash the power within. The crew found that there was nothing, but a deck of cards inside of the box once they opened it. One by one the members of the crew felt drawn to draw a card. Some had all their gold stripped from them, Another was sent away to another realm and imprisoned. After these less than favorable events happened Kavir stored the cards within the box and then tossed them into the sea.

After Disposing of the box the crew decided to set sail for the time being having no solid leads on how to take down the slave trade here in town. The group boarded a ship and headed off towards the gnomish capital city Hornan. Once there they managed to find their companion would had been thrown in jail due to the effects of the card. After discovering that not only did Nasoriss get thrown in jail, and talk his way out, but he also now had a Tiefling fighter at his side. Nasoriss also told us about a will that he had been given stating that he now owned a house in the Dwarven kingdom. The group decided to set sail for this destination over a two week journey at sea. The night before their departure they managed to run into a changeling, Perin Avar’ell, at the Burning Gnome tavern. Ghiv saw this woman and tried to advance on her, but once his advances were shunned away he ended up dumping a beer on her head and thus she joined the group to make sure that Ghiv got what was coming to him, but before the night was over the Burning Gnome would end up burning to the ground through hijicks caused by ghiv and a Molotov cocktail. The crew got out of the tavern before any casualties could happen to them. The next day the crew would set out for the Dwarven lands on a gnomish steamship.

Aisimar Journey 3

The group finally got information after going back to the tavern to find more work for the monk. After his shift he talked with the keep and found out that the kids were a part of the “lost boys”, a group of kids who caused havoc to the people down by the fountain at the docks. after receiving this information they went back down to the docks where they heard more about the slave trade that was taking place by the docks. After reciving information about what time the auction house opened Kavir decided to go poke around once it was open. Walking past the gate that blocked the door, Kavir was stopped by a man who asked him if he wanted to look inside. Confirming that he did Kavir learned the knock to get inside of the slave house at night. Kavir watched as bidding took place and learned more about the layout of the basement level of the auction house. After leaving Kavir retired to the Inn while he talked with Riss about their further actions.

The next morning, Kavir walked back to the auction house to see if anything would go on within the daytime hours. He found out that the stage was moved to the top floor and normal items were now on the block. He managed to get a couple of books that may be of some use further along in their journey.

After the auction, kavir went back to “The drunkard’s Fist” where he met with Riss to discuss what he had found out. Riss was curious about what else they could find out about the store. So they decided to check it out after it had closed. The duo managed to get in without trouble to scoop it out. They asked about proper seating and such and actually got pointed in the direction of the museum. Along the way to the museum they found a gentleman who was dehydrated laying in the street. After waking him with water the duo managed to learn that his name was Kegan. Kegan was taken back to the tavern where he met Ghiv and after heavy drinking from the latter he managed to goad Kegan into a shooting contest to test who is the better shot. The group went to the training area where they managed to find a 50ft target to shot at. Ghiv and Kegan both managed to hit the bullseye. Ghiv, in a drunk slur, said to take it out and make it a bigger challenge. At 140 yards both men missed the target and glad it a truce.

Meanwhile Riss had been working at “The drunkard’s fist” where he made very good money. After his shift he walked up to the training grounds where he got pointed in the direction of another monk who could spar with him. Getting beaten by the monk Riss walked away feeling a bit better about himself. After his fight he made his way back to the bar to chat more with Kegan before going off into the direction of the auction house, along with ghiv.

Kavir and Kegan sat in the bar until an orc, looking to be of noble stature, walked up to them and started to question Kavir about what he had been doing in the auction house twice in twenty four hours. Kavir told him that he was just interested in all things that the auction house had to offer this pleased the orc as he walked out of the bar.

Aisimar Journey 2
To the north!

The group continued to look around Niauhiem for something of use. They managed to fight off some dust diggers that popped up to fight them. The Orc was struck pretty badly in this battle by these starfish like creatures. The Tieflings managed to ward off these beasts before they could do any real damage to them. After the fight they recovered a painting of Yato Yagami, The youngest empire of the Yagami dynasty.
After a night of rest the heroes decided on going north to go out and search the lands of the ice plains for the beauty of the snow that could only be seen in the north. The group travelled to the sea city of Heldien in search of thick clothing, supplies, and transportation for their journey to the north. Naso headed to the bar in search of work as an underling to the keep fetching wood and stoking the fire when told. Naso dealt with the common rabble and also contained a fight from breaking out in the tavern; Caused by Eleret who had a bet with a Dwarven man.
Eleret as mentioned above found a man who claimed he could box with anyone and beat anyone in that fight. Eleret took the offer and set the bet at 25 gold to see if he could beat the dwarf. After two swings the dwarf dropped to a knee claiming submission. The two walked off after the fight in the direction of the tavern.
Kavir, went to find the alchemist shop “The Wolf’s Brew” in search of work. He was in luck that the alchemist was in need of an apprentice at the time and quickly sent Kavir on an errand to the court mage. Kavir fetched from the court mage, a poison strong enough to take down giants. Kavir continued to work with alchemist until he was sent home for the day.
The group found several notices for missing people in the city. Two lovers and three children. The children were easier to track since all of the children were known to hang out in the industrial zone of the city. They couldn’t, but help to climb on the equipment and boxes that were down there. The fountain area was the main area for people to find out the most information about these kids; Although these kids who were there had nothing to help the heroes find their missing comrades. A group of rebellious kids tried to steal the coin purse of Kavir, but was caught by Naso before it was too late. The riff-raff was not of help either to shed light on the missing kids. Will the men find out what is causing the disappearance of these people?

Aisimar....Journey 1
The Journey begins!

Four men wandered in the desert in seek of many things; These men are seeking something unique to themselves, but they all want the same thing. History.
These four men were two Tieflings. One was a traveling monk in robes. He seemed to be of a fair nature, but also had somewhat of a hint of something more. He never spoke of who he worship, but he is indeed a holy man.
The other Tiefling was a bit more of a student. He carried around alchemist supplies on him and said that he was in fact studying the ways of alchemy. While this was intriguing to say the least he was a man that seemed to be able to find even the smallest details if matters were needed for such skills.
Among these men was an Orc. He spoke of the slaughter of his people by bandits and I would have a safe bet in that is why he is traveling his journey. To avenge those who, he had so greatly cared for. This man would take satisfaction with the bandits responsible dying by his hand…literally.
The final man of the group was an Undine. A man of the ocean. Quiet as he was he spoke volumes. This man seemed to be a neutral to the things around him and the people he was traveling with.
These men took refuge in Hamphaven, a small settlement in the desert. They sought the protection of “The Scabbard Tavern” late into the night. At the tavern the men met someone named Adien. Adien turned out to be an Ifrit cleric who said “he had been waiting for someone like them to come along.” The heroes started the next day for the Niauhiem towards the North East. There the men learned about the existence of another group travelling the land. Three men met with a more powerful djinn that granted them each something they desired. After this the men set their sights to the future.

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